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Reduction Gearbox

Manufacturer & Exporter of Reduction Gearbox & Reduction Gearbox in Ahmadabad. Our product range also comprises of Worm Reduction Gearbox, Gearbox and Worm & Worm Wheel Gearbox.

Range : 1.5·· [ 38.1 mm] center to 10.5·· [ 266.7 mm]

Ratio : 5:1 to 7:1 in single Reduction gearbox and
100:1 to 4900:1 in Double reduction gearbox.

Gearbox Body : Made of closely grained cast iron which is completely oil tight and dust proof.

Boring process done on TOS boring machine.
Worm Shaft : Made of Alloy steel and case harden, thread cutting process done on WMW thread milling machine.

Worm Wheel : Made of Pb2 [ Phospherous Bronze] material. Teeth cutting done on TOS gear hobbing machine.

Output Shaft : Made of high tensile steel.

Bearings : High quality taper roller bearings used.

Lubrication : Lubrication of the gears and bearings done by splash of oil from the sump to all rotating parts.

Oil Seals : Standard make oil seals are used.

Selection Criteria of Gear Unit

Information Required For Selection Of Gear Unit

  • Type of model of gear unit suitable for application
  • Type of prime mover, its HP Rating and RPM
  • Required reduction ratio or output RPM of gear unit
  • Duration of working hours per day
  • Position of output shaft either horizontal or vertical
  • Position of output shaft either Right or Left Hand with respect to input shaft or otherwise.
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